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Trueline Custom Products

Our proprietary products and vast technical expertise in the valve industry allows Trueline to provide valve solutions for the most severe service applications.

Ball Valves

Products Design Features

Class 600 - Duplex SS 2205 - for North Sea Salt Water Applications

3 Way Stainless Steel Automated

Steam Jacket Ball Valves

Insulation Ball Valve

Custom Made 3 Way "T" Port

Custom Made Wafer 600 lb

3 Way 600 lb Stainless Steel Metal Seated Valve

Custom Made, Fully Machined from Bar - Exotic Alloys -

Knife Gate

Products Design Features

Scavenger Services (Options: Resilient Seat and Round by Square Body Machined)
New lightweight epoxy coated handwheel standard on valves up to 14".

HT-65 treated gate.

HT-65 treated scraper.

GFO Packing.

Reverse flow arrows.

Bi-directional ring .

Back-up ring facilitates the conversion to 2-way shut off.

Bubble-tight shut-off in both directions (Only for Resilient Seat).

Stopper allows the gate to form a tight seal against the seat.

Flanges match ASME (ANSI) B 16.5 - 150 lb. All come standard with tapped holes & serrated gasket faces.

Special investment cast couplings for each size. Tight tolerances on holes allows for immediate response without hystereis.

Upper & lower bearings for valves 14" & larger.

Stainless steel stanchions precisely machined for alignment & ease of field retrofit from manual to automated.

Machined surfaces to accept machined stanchions.

VITON "O" ring (Standard).

Other operators available include:

• Epoxy coated ductile iron handwheel.
• Chain-wheel.
• Bevel gear.
• Pneumatic cylinder.
• Electric actuator.
• Non-rising stem complete with operating nut or handwheel.
• Control accessories such as positioners, limit switches, solenoids, etc.

Optional "O" rings

• For special applications contact factory.

Options Available

• Resilient seat for drip tight shut-off.
• Vee-port for throttling service.
• Round by square option. Machined square outlet.

Fully Machined Knife Gates with Lower Service Port

Custom Made Square Design Knife Gate Valves

Spring Return Automated Knife Gate

Round X Square Knife Gates

Custom Made High Pressure Machined Knife Gate

Dual Gate Port Knife Gate

Knife Gates with Volume Tank for Emergency Cases

Standard Bi-Directional in Titanium GR II

Quick Opening Knife Gate

V Port Knife Gates for Batch Control
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